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We LOVE To Teach!


Teaching gives us an opportunity to

share our passion about being creativite.

The creative process is exciting,

and the outcome is rewarding. 

Anyone can be creative

with just a few "tools."

We are here to inspire you

and give you those tools:

professional beading techniques,

a relaxed environment,

and concepts about color & design.


In addition to scheduled classes,

classes can be arranged by request 

for indiviuals or groups. 

We have taught large & small groups...

for Girl Scouts to earn badges,

and for families to do activities together. 

Classes for groups can be done for

team building, parties & for social time.

Instruction for groups

can be done on, or off site! 

Click on any time on the calendar to see what is offered

Classes & Activities

Thai Silver Jewelry
Thai Silver pieces
Thai Silver jewelry
Thai Silver Beads
Thai Silver jewelry pieces
Thai Silver Jewelry with Beads

Niki Passenier is a highly creative and skilled artisan who has been in the jewelry and bead business for more than two decades.  Niki, a native of Belgium, lives in Chiang Mai Thailand with her family, where she designs all of her fine silver beads, buttons, charms and chains.  These designs are then skillfully handcrafted by the artisans of the Karen Hill Tribe.


For centuries, the Karen tribe has practiced the ancient craft of silver jewelry making. In recent decades, the existence of the Karen tribe has been severely threatened by the ruthless Burmese military dictatorship. In order to survive, many fled from the violent conflict to remote villages in Northern Thailand, where they continue to practice their ancient skills.

The same tribal artisans that Niki started with more than 20 years ago are still working for her today. “Together we have come a long way, as I have been working with the same Hill Tribe families since the start of my business in the mid-nineties. My close collaboration with the tribal artisans has always been based on principles of fair trade, long before it became a fashionable buzz word in today’s global market. In my business dealings, as in life, I have always believed in treating people the way I would like to be treated, with fairness, honesty and respect. The fact that the same people still work for me since the early days of my business is a testimony to this.”

Niki provides the fine silver to the Hill Tribe for the beads she orders and pays them directly for their work. It is a fair and living wage, set by the artisans themselves, making the beads truly fair trade. This enables them to improve living conditions in the village, provide modern health care for themselves and their families, and offer educational opportunities to their children.


Niki Passenier’s collection is an eclectic but harmonious assortment of contemporary and traditional designs made from ‘fine silver’, which is the trade term for 99.9% pure silver. Fine silver has the unique quality of not tarnishing like sterling silver whereas lower grade silver alloys do (sterling silver is an alloy containing only 92.5%), and is therefore the first choice for high-end jewelry designers. Over the years Niki has introduced many, if not most, new contemporary designs in the Thai hill tribe silver, as initially they only made their traditional tribal designs for her.

Thai Silver Jewelry by Niki
Thai Silver pieces
Thai Silver
Thai Silver Daisy Spacers
Niki and Nong .jpg
Thai Silver Earrings


Hilltribe Fine Silver from Thailand

Show & Sale with Niki Passenier

3 days only:

Saturday, Nov. 20, 10-5pm 

Sunday, Nov. 21, 10-5pm

Monday, Nov. 22, 10-4pm


Trunk Show

Klew's Art Beads

Show and Sale, 4 days only:

Friday, Nov. 26, 12-5pm 

Saturday, Nov. 27, 10-5pm

Sunday, Nov. 28, 10-5pm

Monday, Nov. 29, 10-4pm

Klew, picture.jpg
76010041_afterlive1490575120284_248843 (1).jpg
20200105_062325_resized (1).jpg

Karen Lewis, known as Klew, is an extremely talented and highly sought after artist from Tehachapi, California who expresses her art and creativity using polymer clay. For 35 years she has been exploring, designing, and creating wearable art.  Klew creates with her soul for fun and expression.  And it will be available for sale at Mountain Beadworks for 4 days.


Klew begins with a technique referred to as “caning” which was borrowed from the Venetian Glass bead makers.  A polymer clay cane is a log of polymer clay colors that is made with a design that runs the entire length of the log.  Slices from the cane will reveal the design and all slices from the cane will have identical designs.  A polymer clay cane can be reduced in size by squeezing and compressing


Klew creates a veneer of these cane slices that she applies over a core of polymer clay. As many as 15 different canes can be used in a single bead creating a veneered surface collage, each of which is a unique art bead.  Every piece is made and shaped by hand.

Klew's unique beads, embellishments and premade jewelry will be available for sale for 4 days only at Mountain Beadworks.  Klew's wearable and collectible art beads will make perfect gifts for any occasion! 

Klew postcard.jpg
more leaves.jpg
Copy Cat Crystal Bracelet 1.jpg

Class: Copy Cat Crystal Bracelet

Make a bracelet, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, that looks like a diamond

tennis bracelet! You will use 2 different sizes of bicone crystals, plus cylinder

beads, to create a sensational wrist adornment that everyone will want to

copy.  It is truly a luscious design.  It only looks complicated, but really is

perfect for newbie beaders.  It is also perfect for your young and creative


Date: Saturday, December 4th, 11:00-3:30pm

Price: $25 includes snacks. 

    Materials purchased for the class will be discounted15%.  

    Preregistration is required by calling 760-765-3100. Seating is limited. 

    Please see Class Policies and Cancelation Policy below.

 Class policies: 

  • Class space is confirmed upon receipt of class payment in full. 

  • Materials are not included in the class fee unless specifically noted. 

  • Please purchase all supplies prior to the start of the class. Students get 15% off purchases made within 7-days before the day of class! Students will additionally receive a10% discount on the day of class for future projects. So show up early to be prepared and save! Some restrictions apply. 

  • Please arrive promptly for the class, as we make every effort to provide all necessary instruction within the time allocated. If you are more than 20 minutes late, we will assume that you are a no-show and all class fees will be forfeited and you will not be able to take the class.

  • Masks must be worn for the duration of the class.

  • We kindly ask that you do not bring any guests to classes unless they are enrolled/paid students.  Please do not bring any pets. 

  • Classes are designed for students 14 years and older unless otherwise specified. Children 10-13 years of age may take a class with a paid parent.  However, please check with staff if class is appropriate for young students before signing up. Some exceptions may apply. Classes for younger students can be arranged in advance.

  • If you would like to register for a class on the day that it’s being held, please call the shop to confirm availability.


 Cancellation policy: 

  • Classes fees are non-refundable unless class is cancelled by Mountain Beadworks

  • If Mountain Beadworks must cancel a class, a full refund by check or store credit will be issued. 

  • You may cancel with 72-hour notice prior to start of a class. Cancellations must be made in person or by phone  (760-765-3100.) A $5 cancellation/transfer fee applies. Balance will be issued as store credit only. *Classes with a guest instructor require a 21-day cancellation notice

  • Cancellations that are made with less than required notice will forfeit entire fee. 

Crochet with wire and beads
Crochet with Wire and Beads

Class: Crochet with Wire and Beads.  

Learn how to incorporate beads into this project while crocheting with thin gauge wire. It is a fast moving project with steps that are easy to follow. Beginners can grasp this concept quickly, and more experienced beaders will love the versatility of this technique.  This is a great class no matter what your skill level is, and even if you have never crocheted before.  You will make an enviable necklace while learning about technique, color and design.  Most students will complete their project in class.  Materials must be purchased prior to the start of the class.  First time crocheters are welcome!  

Advance registration is required.  Seating is limited. 

Date: Saturday, December 11th, 11:00-3:30pm

Price: $25 includes snacks. 

    Materials purchased for the class will be discounted15%.  

    Preregistration is required by calling 760-765-3100.  

    Please see Class Policies and Cancelation Policy below.