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The Place to Bead Inspired

It all began in 2004.  Looking to escape the long commute from Julian to San

Diego for their careers, Patty and Dale Strong began with an idea that

blossomed into a passion.

Mountain Beadworks quickly became a place to ignite and stimulate creativity.  Their enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and nurturing creative expression has become contagious.  It attracts folks from every path in life and every part of the world.  From the beginning, their goal has been to find the best, most unique and unusual beads, and then create an environment to foster creativity.


“It’s a candy store for beaders,” is a comment they frequently hear. Mountain Beadworks offers only hand selected gemstones from around the world, and glass from the Czech Republic.  They work hard to bring in all things unique: gemstones, glass, clay, metal findings, bone, antler, pearls and shell, wood and ceramic, and seed beads of the highest quality.  Their collection of vintage beads and Swarovski crystals is unusual and ever changing.

Mountain Beadworks offers beading classes to the back country local and Julian visitor. 

Classes include:

·  the basics of beading,

·  professional beading techniques,

·  color and design theory,

·  wire wrap,

·  metalsmithing,

·  Kumihimo,

·  loom work,

·  pearl knotting,

·  bead weaving

·  working with chain,

·  crochet with wire and beads,

·  and working with Precious Metal Clay. 

Projects can be tailored to individual requests, for Girl Scouts to earn badges, and for families to do activities together.  Classes are scheduled regularly but may be available by request.  Groups can receive instruction on, or off site. 

“Bead Therapy” is scheduled monthly as an

opportunity to socialize and hang out with other lovers

of beads and creativity.  Additionally, when the

classroom table is not in use it can be available for

beaders to work on projects. Go in and hang out with



Every visitor to Mountain Beadworks is greeted by

their 2 dogs, Chester, the Golden Retriever big brother,

and Sadie, the Golden Retriever puppy.  Their job

is to make you feel welcome, and it is a job they do

quite well!

Although Julian is a remote, rural community of only

around 2000 people, it draws folks from around the

world to the charming, back country setting with ties to

a different era.  It is a place of nature and gently

changing seasons, tranquility, quiet and calm.  It is an

area that ignites passion for growth, discovery, and

creativity that can be transformed with unique beads

and gentle nurturing from Mountain Beadworks staff. 

It truly is "the place to bead inspired.”

Glass beads from the Czech Republic
Silversmithing class
Beading is FUN!
Sadie 2022
Chester summer 2022
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