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Biker Chic Glitz Bracelet
We made our bracelets!
Swarovski Crystal Cross, 2 tone, 2 layers
Friendship knot in Silversilk.jpg
A weekend of Girl Scouts earning badges with bead projects!
Rising to the Occasion Bracelet
Beading class at the library
Natural Expressions Bracelet
Copy Cat Crystal Bracelet
Student's Fold Forming Cuffs closeup.jpg
Freeform Peyote Stitch bracelet
examples 009_edited.jpg
Beaded Cabochon
Stone on Stone Silversmithing
Peyote Stitch Apple
Projects with 2-hole beads
Peyote flag bracelet
Thai silver and Swarovski crystals
Natural Leaf reproduced in PMC (Precious Metal Clay)
Stethoscope thong
Hopscotch bracelets
Snake Bracelet with Superduos
Triple strand, hand-knotted pearl necklace set
Knitting with Wire and Beads.jpg
Beading around an Abalone pendant
Saturn technique
Caterpillar bracelet
Snowflake earrings on Santa hat.jpg
Forming a silver bracelet
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